Otherwise, you’ll end up doubling your debt rather than paying it off.

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Note: Though each phone has its own different store where the messaging app could be download from.

For those who have not known before that Whats App messenger is a social network through which people can share feelings with friends and well wishers.

Canadians are spending way more money than they make and have come to believe that debt is normal. Just because everyone is doing it, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

One of the biggest debt solutions is to just not follow the crowd.

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Many people wonder what the best debt reduction strategies and secrets are to get out of debt.

If you spend 0 a week on eating out, before you cut 0 a week out of your budget, learn to cook, buy groceries, organize snacks and plan what else you’ll do when everyone you usually eat out with still heads to the restaurant.

Leave a week in your budget to start with, until you’re ready to cut all 0 out.

The main reason why so many people struggle with their budget is that it isn’t realistic.

Either they forget to include things that they know they’re going to spend money on, or they set their budget based on limitations and deprivation by excluding things they really want to spend money on. You need to allow for some of the things that you really want to spend money on.

However, once you’ve stopped using your credit cards, how will you pay for an expense you forgot to budget for?