The AC1200 Wi Fi Range Extender from NETGEAR can extend your Wi Fi range to the max while also ensuring fast connection speeds.

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That’s why the Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet is such a lifesaver.

While your daughter dances away at ballet practice, your son can work on all of his school assignments, including the ones that require the Web.

When I was contemplating getting internet, I decide to look for some good routers to use for my network.

After much searching and looking, I found the NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router [Amazon Affiliate Link], which was in my price range and did what I wanted it to.

While portable hotspots are a dime a dozen, many of them are unreliable and flaky.

Not to mention, you can typically tether directly from your phone.Altogether, I can honestly say that the Arlo security system has given me peace of mind – and in comparison to what it cost, it has gone above and beyond. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this HD camera system is weatherproof and entirely "wire-free" (other Wi Fi wireless security-cam systems above still require AC power connections).Love the magnetic camera mounts and the free cloud backup system, saving seven days of recordings.On the whole, though, the FVS336G-300 is a fast and highly configurable Dual WAN VPN Router. You can take your daughter to ballet, get your son ready for fall ball practice, make a wholesome dinner, and do it all while planning the agenda for tomorrow morning’s work meeting.While you’re juggling the demands of everyday life though, your kids are trying to accomplish their own tasks as well, especially difficult and often tedious homework assignments.This is Verizon's first-ever 4G LTE Advanced (LTE-A) Mobile Hotspot. Be aware that the problem might be with the modem, which brings the signal into your house.