Just like home I would still have my device backup photo etc via a Wifi connection at Hotel / coffee shop so you don't blow through a lot of Mobile data. You're entitled to your opinion, but your perspective is rather badly skewed.

The primary value proposition of the International Travel Pass is in the unlimited calls and SMS (to and from standard numbers) while roaming internationally for a specified period of time.

If we're talking about overseas students who are heading home for several weeks' break, surely they can easily acquire local SIMs and services back home, and make things cheaper for themselves that way?

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We obviously need to pay the overseas carrier out of this so I personally believe this is great value. So you can call the country you are in, you can call another country or you can call Australia Which is of course another Country :-).

This is better than some other offers that only allow calling with the country you are in or back home. Just not "unstandard" numbers like operators, premium number like 19xxx etc.

So if you are in France you can call the German hotel you plan to stay at for free. The international data does not count against your domestic usage. When you get home you will still have all your domestic data.

Also you need to look at the countries you are travelling to when comparing carriers.

When I go into my account now I see: Call us to activate International Travel Pass For the fastest way to activate an International Travel Pass at your destination is to call us toll free in Australia or overseas. The International Travel Pass is available to you if you are a Telstra Consumer and Small Business Post-Paid Mobile customer, and you have activated international roaming on your service, except in the cases set out below.

Hi ecky, as I am going to the UK in 10 days time this is very welcome. If you use excess data in the duration of you travel pass it will cost 3c/MB, but if you inadvertently use any data outside the travel pass duration you will get charged /MB.

Looks like Telstra's got a late entry to the "all-inclusive" post-paid roaming pass game: International Travel Pass.

Doesn't really compete on price/value with Vodafone's /day roaming, but it at least gives some (better) options to Telstra customers already locked in. Clearly whoever put this together didn't have the average consumer in mind like me who would easily download 150MB in a day with instagram, Facebook and email all going at the same time.

You can ring the people you go with so it easy to co-ordinate things / find each other.