Players will set sail to the new Solak location to look for the Yun city of Valindria.Players will also see a level cap increase and new ultimate Hongmoon Skills.

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Digital Extremes has sent word that the console version of Warframe will be updated with the Plains of Eidolon content expansion on November 14th.

Eidolon brings new adventures to Tenno including "exploratory daytime activities and towering night-time battles".

Origins is exactly what the series needed to make it new and wonderful again.

It’s not perfect, but it sets a great roadmap for the future and the imperfections can be honed into something even more incredible.

has been given 1,000 keys for the all new arena brawler - Battlerite on Steam! We now know that it is called "Maelstrom" and will be launching in both North America and Europe on December 6th.

These keys will give winners access to a chest which contains 1 Free Champion: Ashka "The Molten Fury" 2 random drops. Anchoring the update are a number of improvements and additional features including a reworked Gem system, an open world raid finder, updates to crafting and the addition of Bloodsalt Bay, a naval Pv P arena.

It launched from humble beginnings as a successful Kickstarter that only asked for ,000 AUD.

Hand of Fate definitely punched outside of it’s weight class earning critical praise.

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