Fink has also been invited to join the international editorial board of a new journal, Contemporary European Histcrry. President Bush is expected to sign the agreement with President Patricio Aylwin on his visit to South America in November.

The journal, published in Great Britain by Cambridge University Press, will focus on the history of Europe since 1918. Wadman, UNCW associate professor of economics and 1989 Fulbright lecturer to Chile, returned to Chile this summer to negotiate a million grant for the Chilean Ministry of Health. DEVELOPMENTS Sequencing Science A three-year, $ 1 .47 million grant has been awarded to UNCW by the National Science Founda- tion.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation RANDALL LIBRARY UNCW PRELUDE Exciting things are happening at UNCW. Leutze, who is bursting with energy and ideas for our won- derful university.

He's committed to making UNCW a superb under- graduate institution and to positioning our marine biology program as one oi the premier programs in the nation.

Eaglin explained that test results will be confidential.

First-time offenders will be counseled and given dnig rehabilitation as well as being subject to weekly testing.

We have a new alumni affairs director and new basketball coaches for our men's and women's programs.

The calendar is brimming with the events they have planned. New students, staff, and faculty from many parts of the country and from other nations have joined us as well, bringing with them fresh perspectives and new ways of doing things.

"You have to have the desire to serve and a little fire in your stom- ach to fight for what you believe in," said Barnes about the traits of a good politician.

"You have to realize that other people are just as smart as you B31 Allison Rehs "You have to have the desire to serve and a little fire in your stomach to fight for what you believe in." are and believe in their ideas just as much as you do.

Hakan's research will focus on the nucleus accumbens region of the brain that is believed to stimulate the pleasurable feelings associated with using dnigs.