Every once in a while somebody like Zooey Deschanel defies our expectations, but they tend to be anomalies. anybody remember when Billy Bob Thornton and Joaquin Phoenix were making great movies instead of making public asses of themselves? And they have only their musical ambitions to blame. " It didn't help that he gave himself the cringingly pretentious moniker LANDy (dig that funky capitalization, man!

So I was understandably distraught to hear that Adam Goldberg, one of my favorite indie actors, was releasing an album this summer. ), or that he called his debut album Eros and Omissions, which is only punny if you think Freud was the king of zingers. It had a certain lush, moody John Lennon vibe to it.

Goldberg's musical tastes aren't quite so abrasive or indignantly anti-mainstream.

Also, he tends to overuse the phrase "quote, unquote" during interviews, which for some reason I found endlessly charming.

They're usually batshit crazy and haunted by personal demons. She's a graphic designer and she's amazingly talented, but she's not in any way tortured. (Laughs.) There aren't a lot of five-year-old boys brooding about the grim inevitability of death.(Laughs.) I guess not, no.

Is that because this is one of those cultural clich├ęs that just so happens to be true? People who identify themselves as artists, or aspire to be artists, are usually at the very least needy and at the most quite troubled. There is that prerequisite tortured soul which seems to be somewhat necessary in order to create "real art."Does that apply to you as well? On the other hand, I'm far less intrinsically adept in the various things that I attempt to do, and I'm totally tortured. It reminds me of that great line from Hannah and Her Sisters, after Woody Allen finds out that he might have a brain tumor.

However, midway through the project, the movie was canceled, and then and more others too.

He signed a three-year overall deal with Sony Pictures TV in 2011. His wife, Sarah Goldberg has been with Adam since he was 16 years old.

Eric Spitznagel: (Untitled) is essentially about the outsider art scene in New York.

Given that one of the biggest blockbusters of the year was based on a Hasbro toy, is your little art-house movie in trouble? But when you do small movies like this, you do it with the understanding that it's unlikely they'll ever be released.

During the time of his teenage years, he had already written and performed over fifty of his plays at many places like The Saint Marks Theatre, The Tada! After that, he moved at New York University to home his talents as a writer and producer. After that, he and his team sold to The Weinstein Company.