We're bummed for the students that they won't have prom but proud of Constance for sticking to her guns and not backing down. How would you feel if your prom was canceled because the school board disapproved of your date?

Well, Constance Mc Millen, an 18-year-old high school senior in Mississippi, just wanted to do was bring her girlfriend to prom. Her local school board, however, was outraged by that idea and told Constance that if she brought a girl or wore a tux that she could not go to prom at all.

But, when the American Civil Liberties Union heard about this, they immediately objected.

Mississippi Conference leaders explained in an announcement in the regional body's publication The Circuit Rider that the separation had been finalized between the megachurch and the denomination."The prior appointed clergy at The Orchard have voluntarily surrendered their credentials and are no longer United Methodist ministers.

The Orchard Church has ownership of its property and will continue their ministry in their satellite locations," noted the announcement."The superintendent will be working with those members who wish to remain United Methodist to find them a church home.

Wendy became jealous, trying to get Stan to notice her, while the boys bought her presents, and mentioned her to Chef.

After failing to win her over, Chef reveals that she is a lesbian.

Balding confessed to her 150,000 Twitter followers that she was “nervous” before the lunchtime web chat.

How would you feel if your prom date was deemed unacceptable by your school board?

It is revealed at the episode's conclusion, that Wendy had orchestrated the events, including the Iraqis taking her away, and her being blasted into the sun, thus to her demise. Another day, she wears black leather, including black pants, black top that reveals her belly, and a cross necklace.