Same day payouts by bank transfer or apply for our Pre Paid Master Card® Our Software suite is one of a kind. As of today, every time a Tweet is posted out with regards to a new Clip Store video or Pic Store photo set we will also include the poster/thumbnail you chose for that video clip or photo set.

The AMAZING Nikki Night: charming, enchanting, magnetic and seductive!

Her funny and eccentric personality easily makes you fall in love with her!

Programming core languages: Webcam script building - here are the top languages used, as number 1 being the best.

We will not be discussing frameworks as there are so many to choose from for each language generally.

To be able to give the awards to the ones that deserves the most , we created a complex , but still simple to understand voting process .

Part of the organisers comitee , Night Prowl Studio cannot be nominated at AW Awards .

The minimum time (for the unskilled video chat developer, which is probably a light estimate) to build a video chat system from the ground up, a 1-2 year time frame is the bare minimum, anyone that says different has rocks in their head.

Getting to the point simply, if you are only paying a few hundred or so dollars for your web cam script, what are you really getting, and is it going to help me make money?

Security: Anyone that says your web site won’t get hacked or is fool proof, has rocks in their head (To put it bluntly) unless your software was built with security in mind day 1, each day becomes a greater risk as you are putting more time and or money into your marketing as well as paying to build out your system.