Due to their language compatibility and shared cultural space, the states of former Yugoslavia apparently make for “fertile soil” in which to plant a new-old media market and to root a new-old regional audience. Sheer economic interest or a desire for political and cultural influence?

In the contexts of economic crisis and political instability, how does the arrival of these global media influence the media systems in the region’s countries?

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In contrast to the Prime Minister’s successful business relationship with, and significant interest in, one of KKR’s leading executives, he uses less than friendly tones when communicating with journalists.

Professor Snježana Milivojević says: “There is a paradox here.

Prior to the launch of whose adopted versions finally allowed distributors/operators to provide content, was a direct result of lobbying efforts on the part of the United Group and KKR in Brussels and Belgrade.

According to Jugoslav Ćosić, N1 ’s programming director in Serbia, the desire of the United Group, television channel has been registered in Luxembourg and is owned by the company Adria News. is a group that produces programming, in Serbia, for its employer in Luxembourg, from whence the programming is transmitted.

Regarding the potential difficulties or resistance related to the broadcaster’s launch, Jugoslav Ćosić notes, “There have been intentions to block the launch of journalists have found themselves at the receiving end of the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić’s barbed remarks. Vučić took the occasion to publically slap labels on the outlet, addressing one of its journalists by his first name and stating, among other things, that “you people at ” were “often wrong, while I am only wrong every once and a while.”A mere few days before the press conference, Vučić met with David Petraeus, the chairman of the KKR Global Institute and a former CIA director, with whom he had also been meeting as the “problematic” articles of media laws were being modified, in April 2014.

The most recent meeting , held in May 2016, concerned potential new investments of the American investment fund in Serbia.

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