HEDLEY: First of all, this man is a friend of mine.

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HEDLEY: I was not living in my community when she was appointed.

HEDLEY: Judges are retained or not retained during an election.

GRACE: Jim, I appreciate the handshake, but I`m talking about the facts of the case.

The two charges he pled guilty to, it was five years - - up to five years behind bars on each charge, and a $5,000 fine. When he was going in for the sentencing, I reached up and shook his hand and wished him luck. I was saying good-bye to someone I`ve known for a long, long time.

A guy is accused of raping a 12-year- old little girl, and you find out a judge, a sitting judge on the trial bench, thinks that it`s OK to give straight probation? GRACE: Well, it`s my understanding it will be appealed.

JIM HEDLEY, EDITOR, "SIDNEY SUN-TELEGRAPH": I thought it was a joke, too, and I was right in the courtroom. This is not representative of the community I live in. GRACE: Aren`t you a little embarrassed -- I mean, I would be -- that this would happen in your hometown? Hopefully, this sentence will be appealed very shortly.

A string of men dead in suspicious hit-and- runs, two charming seniors, million richer off the insurance money. Child molestation, child rape -- well, what about the safety of the 12-year-old little girl he molested and other possible victims?

A Nebraska judge keeps a convicted child molester out of jail for his safety because she says he`s too short! That`s because a district judge gave him 10 years probation, a lighter sentence reportedly because Thompson is 5-foot-1.

CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE INTERNET REPORTER: All right, Nancy. GRACE: My height is none of your business, and I`m not headed to the penitentiary for child molestation. Pat, how did this convergence of events take place? JOHN BRUNING, NEBRASKA ATTORNEY GENERAL: It`s Bruning. BRUNING: Yes, this sentence doesn`t make a lot of sense. I really admire what you`re doing in Washington on the Child Safety Act, 2005. He ought to be locked up for molesting this little girl. And, apparently, Olga Rutterschmidt, the 72-year-old woman, was quite active in the Hungarian community, and she had met him in a Hungarian church. RESSNER: I was going to say the blind gentleman, who was assumed to be the next victim, was introduced by a mutual friend who worked at a swap meet. And so many traumatic injuries, breaks and contusions I can`t even count them. To John Garamendi, he is the commissioner with the California Department of Insurance. How do you go about getting insurance on somebody you hardly know? KELLEY: Well, right now, Helga and Olga are charged with federal mail fraud.

From the floor where I`m standing to about -- it`s about your height, actually, I think. Can you believe straight probation, when this guy was charged, count one, raping a 12-year-old girl? TED POE (R-TX), FORMER HARRIS COUNTY JUDGE: I`ve heard a lot of defenses, but I`ve never heard I`m too short to go to prison defense. The judge is trying to excuse this person`s conduct. And what`s interesting is, in one of the cases, the man who had the alcohol problem, he was found in an alley seven miles from his home, and he had very light clothing on. And she had made a call to a tow company that morning around the same time in the same area to come and get a car, so that`s why cops are starting to think that they may have actually done the dirty deed themselves. GRACE: Back to "Time" magazine correspondent Jeffrey Ressner. RESSNER: Well, only two of the victims are allegedly known about. His spleen was torn open; his left kidney torn open.

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