The company is also exploring adding virtual reality cameras, and hopes to roll out the content format in a few months.

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Life Streamers can tag certain parts of their day like when they cook a meal or put on makeup,.

Those segments are turned into mobile-friendly watchable clips or daily recaps.

Besides snoozing, you can see her folding clothes or playing with her cats.

Sometimes she acknowledges her watchers by talking directly to the camera, but most of the time she ignores the fact she's being streamed. "I like to be in my house, but I like to be with people. I can literally stay in my bedroom, and I can have people around me and everything." Life Stream is a program by adult entertainment company Cam Soda that pays people to stream their mundane activities with no requirements to get naked.

"These girls who aren't even putting themselves out there are getting these requests." Hart, who majored in sociology and minored in psychology and women's studies at Ball State, said for some viewers the draw may be the unexpected sexy moments that could occur on a livestream.

However for the many, she thinks it's all about simple enjoyment of watching others, only now you can do it online instead of in the real world.

I'm using a Go Pro HD camera which has a URL via an Ambarella video player as

This is the network address to play in a VLC player. thanks Francisco, you'll get a better answer if you ask this as a new question: (also look at for example) hi PIYUSH KUMAR please this function it's just for a snaphot or video? thank you I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for.

You can use one of these free video streaming apps to beam video straight from your camera to an online service, which others can use to watch your stream.