This will also drastically bring the price down for any transaction between the user and the model.In a growing crypto world, this will the first of its kind.

The only difference is that it is decentralized without taking 50% of the money that the models are making. Regulations are there and we will follow them just like all other cam sites that are there now.

With these regulations, there will be strict rules to avoid pedophelia etc.

Remember, we will still be following all the rules that these websites are following now. In terms of monetizing I am thinking of introducing a native token that the users will use to tip the models. When the users buy these tokens, we will add a service fee which will go to the stakers.

This way the model will still receive 100% of the tips and we will still have a way to monetize it.

New York Times reported that industry analysts and executives estimate the industry brings in around $1 billion in annual revenue.

Recently, big names like Chaturbate are starting to accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

I see a lot of issues here, first of all in terms of image to the district0x project, while some of the investors are sufficiently unbiased towards this kinda market, some others may just flee away in fear of regulations Secondly is the possibility to foster pedophilia and protect the offenders more than the victims.

Porn industry while certainly representing a good business for those who run it, are avoided by investors and mutual funds because of the potential shutdown ordered by governments. If we stakers take a cut wouldn't that be equivalent to those who are leaving off of those girls and boys work?

I encourage you all to look past the “adult entertainment” aspect of this, but to look at the potential of this industry in the crypto world.