And while that might sound callous and wrong, the tduth is, even his friends agreed: People like Dean live life in extremes, mostly because they just don’t know it any other way. You’re either so high, so that you can’t help but spiral even further. There’s no compromise; it’s either you give that day, or you take it.

You’re an extremely emotional being, to the point where you might have the tendency to overanalyze things.

You let your intense feelings consume you -- good or bad -- and it dictates your entire disposition for the day.

We’re “friends” who just spent the last few months -- or years -- dating and really getting to know each other. My friends haven’t seen me truly vulnerable and totally naked. Friends don’t know what positions I like or how I oddly hate morning sex. You still want me in your life but in a drastically different way. You were there for the good, the bad and hopefully not too much of the ugly.

Getting to know each other’s families, psychoses and idiosyncrasies. Friends don’t know how insane I can be after one too many gin and tonics (well, maybe that’s not true). I want to text you when I see something that reminds me of you.

And now I can’t do anything about it because “we’re just friends.” I’ll have to pretend I’m not thinking about you when I'm with someone else. Even the thought of you just kissing someone else or sleeping next to another woman makes me cringe.

Is she going to be the new person you call when you see something funny? Does she get to borrow your T-shirts and sweatpants?

You’re so addicted to the highs and lows that even if you could moderate your feelings, you wouldn’t be satisfied.

The slightest problem can unnerve you or set you off just as quickly as the smallest gratification can send you soaring.

You’re a dramatic person at heart, which means you experience things in a big way.