C in the wood has not yet had time to disintegrate totally, is in line with what one would expect, based on the true history of the world given in the Bible by the One who made all, and Who alone is infinite in knowledge, wisdom and power.

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I will not get into a heated debate about The Word of God so I change the subject after a while.

I remember I was like them and it took The Lord through His Holy Spirit to first save me and after that He opened my eyes to many things, including world historical events such as the flood of Noah's day. I can think of a few more options: 4) Make sure that 36 000 years is not an age one would expect to get from an undatable sample.

This is because radiocarbon decays very rapidly compared to other radioactive elements such as uranium.

So after, say, a theoretical 100,000 years at the most the amount of radiocarbon left in the wood would not be detectable anymore.

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That means the wood must also be at least that old.

Mainstream geologists would never think of trying to get a radiocarbon (C) date for the coalified wood in this Mägenwil sandstone, because anything that old should not be datable by this method.

They can only choose the date or the explanation that best matches what they already believe.

C; C14-Datierung oder Radiocarbondatierung ist ein Verfahren zur radiometrischen Datierung kohlenstoffhaltiger, insbesondere organischer Materialien.

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