She has always wanted to have a career in country music, despite rising to fame on shows such as Ex On The Beach and TOWIE.

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Speaking exclusively to Mail Online about her success however, the 'overwhelmed' 24-year-old admitted she would be flattered if the Love Story singer targeted her in her next revenge single, laughing: 'That would be a massive compliment!

'On Wednesday, Megan's new singles rocketed to number one and two on the singles chart, as well as the country chart in the UK, less than 24 hours after their release.She explained: 'I knew people were people gonna be wary and think 'Oh yeah, as if she can sing', but that's why I wanted to do the show - to show people who I really am and what I love to do.'I love to do silly things and sing all the time, and its a relief now that people have seen this side of me.People are finally taking me seriously, which is such a nice feeling.' Admitting it had been a long road to this point however, battling through endless abuse on social media, she added: 'I've had to deal with a lot of c**p over last few years, with trolls and being called 'mental Megan', but all that time I was just wishing they could see me for me.'After finding success with her debut singles, Megan is now hoping to produce a full album and go on tour - after shooting her music video for High Heeled Shoes on Thursday, which will be dropped as a surprise for fans.Look, I get it: you’ve been getting Oompa Loompa jokes since forever.You’ve been called midget, Tiny Tim, Grumpy and all the other names.She said: 'I love the old Taylor, when she did Our Song and Teardrops On My Guitar, and the really heartfelt stuff.'That's why I'm hoping people will love my music as its so real. I'm just happy everyone loves it.'Megan's country music debuts are currently numbers one and two on the i Tunes chart - and lie three places ahead of Shania Twain's comeback track Life's About To Get Good, on the country chart.