People still continue to behave in ways that leave a fairly distinct trail.

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They can find themselves emotionally isolated from others due to shame and the fear that others won't fully understand or know what kind of support is truly helpful.

This is just as true (and sometimes even more so) for the partner of a person who has repeatedly engaged in deceptive sexual behavior.

The opportunity to benefit from the shared experience of others in a similar situation is sxtremely helpful.

Nobody understands a problem better than somebody who has walked a similar path.

You don't have the right to subject your partner to things he or she objects to and you don't have the right to search elsewhere to have your needs fulfilled.

Everyone has to give up something for the warmth and care of a committed and loving partner.

Some believe that all of the above is cheating and all of the above is, therefore, wrong.

I counsel people not to put anything on the internet you would not want your grandmother to see, but they do it all the time anyway.

I encourage anyone who has information about additional online and telephone support forums to contact me so that I can include them here.