The beaches are amazing, the waves are massive and I thought we had a really good gig there as well. I've never been to Perth but lots of foreigners who visit there – musicians in particular – seem to love it. But, you know, something that really struck me about Australia was the breakfasts.

I know Melbourne's supposed to be the really fun place but I thought Perth was beautiful and I really liked it there.

Slow Club have been known to use glass bottles, chairs and other non-instruments in their songs but, above all, they're just a down-to-earth bunch who stumbled into making a band together. It's like that in a lot of places in Northern England, actually; a lot of DIY labels and nights and a real community sense about music, which is really cool.

2nd year – Spencer Adams, Tyler Alexander, Bejamin Anderson, Jared Burge, Kala Cleveland, Amanda Crawford, Cheyann Dillon, Katharine Driscoll, Cole Eason, Joshua Griffith, Brittany Hastings, Justina Homan, Holly Hoover, Brianna Jackson, Braye Jones, Mary Josselet, Royce Kerchner, Katie Lane, Ashten Link, Kevin Mahoney, Hunter Melies, Armando Moreno, Cheyenne Nelson, Andrew O’Neill, Daniel Peters, Julia Pittman, Mallory Purnell, Emily Reed, Trenten Roach, Sarah Rutherford, Nikki Sherwood, Abigail Shields, Brett Siebeneck, Luke Stevenson, Corey Todd, James Watson, Brecklynn Williams, Miriam Young, Tiffany Zinn.

Junior – 1st year – Ross Bruns, Hanna Rogers, Ethan Tucker, Ashley Wood. 3rd year – Samantha Baker, Amy Barzilla, Collin Boyd, Carl Emanuel, Erin Fountain, Jared Gipfert, Hannah Guffey, Mary Haight, DJ Hink, Melanie Humphrey, John Jurss, Paige Norris, Aaron Orpin, Bailey Page, Jordan Powell, Jonathan Randle, Bret Smith, Andrew Snow, Logan Stroburg, Chelsey Webber, Evelyn Wouters, Hannah Wouters.

Congratulations to the following PHHS students who auditioned and were chosen to perform in the West Central District 11/12 District Choir or the Women's Honor Choir.

They are: Samantha Dunlap, Hannah Guffey, Lindsey Beck, Melanie Humphrey, Michaela Richards, Justina Homan, Evelyn Wouters, Amy Barzilla, Paige Norris, Hannah Wouters, Bailey Page, Katie Lane, Kayla Snow, Brittany Hayes, Brianna Jackson, Corey Todd, Andrew O'Neill, Logan Stroburg, Jared Burge, Kyle Beck, and Alec Smith.

Well we don't tend to do that so much anymore, but I guess the chair was one of the more unusual ones. Festivals are really awesome, but sometimes they're a bit of a gamble. So I suppose that could be interpreted as a big fat yes. Or at least that you will realise a state of happiness with the album's Australian reception and learn truths about its musical elements which could help you in the future ...

We really started using those sort of objects in our music because we couldn't afford to buy a whole lot of other instruments [laughs]. You can have an amazing one or you can have a really shit one. All you have to do is ask me a question that you want to know the answer to and I will draw a card and try and give you some insight into the answer. I'm babbling.[Laughs] So how did you and Rebecca meet?It is a restaurant/entertainment discount card that sells for and entitles the holder to 15 buy-one-get-one free deals at participating businesses in the Pleasant Hill area.For more information, please contact Jackie Emo, 816-540-3161, ext. Middle School: STUDENT LED CONFERENCES: Monday & Tuesday, October 18 & 19 from -pm Our middle school format, referred to as “student-led conferences” allows students to play an important role in acknowledging their educational responsibilities under the guidance of their advisory teachers.Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor are Slow Club, one of those boy/girl duos that churn out saccharine folk-pop which makes you want to sway side-to-side and be fancy free. Yeah, kind of, we've been playing some shows in America and England. It's like this kind of different experience to what we're used to. So, can you tell me a bit about what the music scene is like back at home in Sheffield?Maybe it's got something to do with their roots growing up in Sheffield, England – known for its distinctively DIY music scene – but these guys aren't shy of an unconventional approach. We've actually got two new people in the band now, a guy who plays bass and a drummer so now we've got two drum kits, bass and guitar. Well we live in London now and I haven't been to a gig back home for a while now but it seems like there's a great DIY scene going on there at the moment.They will perform at the new Smith Cotton High School in Sedalia, MO on Sat. The Education Funding Group Card Program for schools starts in November.