' » Nicki Minaj IS NOT Taking The Stand In Brother's Child Rape Trial, Victim’s 10-Year-Old Brother Bravely Takes Stand With Horrific Recount» HELLA REAL!Issa Rae's Super Black Red Carpet Interview Answer & Stunning Vera Wang Dress Have Us In AWE» Rihanna's Diamond Ball Was All The Things – M, A Beyoncé (And Leo Di Caprio) Reunion, A Turn Up With Kendrick & Dave Chappelle, Epic Slays From Cardi B & La La» Celebs Light Up ESPYS Red Carpet With Sequins, Slits & Sexy A** Suits» Kanye & Kim Get Kissy, Blake Griffin Attends Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Bash Kim Responds To Aaliyah Costume Critics » Diddy Parties With Both Cassie & Kim Porter For 90's Halloween Party Snoop Dogg & Shante Go Old School For C Day Bash» Pregnant Toya Wright BUMPS It Up For Halloween As Bubble Gum Machine & Pays Homage To The 90s Monica, Tiny Harris, Kandi & More» POTUS OBAMA Is A Total Rock Star For Jury Duty Chicago Mayor Walks Out On Chance The Rapper At City Council Meeting» EXCLUSIVE: Erica Campbell Tried To Claim Sister Tina Campbell Didn't Admit She Voted For Trump, But Interviewer Has The [email protected] Even if it was true that Jay had that groupie/mistress killed because of her also being pregnanat, why weren't their any evidence of her being pregnant?

It shows how vicious people can be over someone they don't know very true. i came here thinking there would be reports about beautiful black people doing beautiful things but there's just so much ugliness that I feel guilty for being a part of it. one thing i know to be true: people can make their mouths say anything; doesn't have to be true! I'm just saying, this is not a joke, life is not a big play pen to exchange juices with everyone and everybody, gay or straight, we are past it being a gay thing people. This story makes me believe that Kelly really is Matthew's daughter and Jay-Z did have his jump off Koreana killed because she was about to anounce her pregnancy. people think celebrities are perfect but they fail to realize that is just carefully, well-crafted, well-paided for work done by top publicist.

Jay saw all the drama that this outside child caused and he is already paying 1 lady off about their son in Trinidad and he was damn sure not gonna let that happen again!!! And alot of married women turn the blind eye on their man's cheating so Tina knew and hell for all ya'll know--- she may have a man and has had 1 for years!!!!

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She also says she doubts if Beyonce, who reportedly hasn't spoken to her dad since she fired him as her manager several months ago, knew anything about Mathew making an offer to buy the baby. Can we please not hear anything else about this mess? The mystery other father of Beys, fake baby, jays mistery preteen, now this TRICK...... I Was Just Reading An Article About Gisel Manier Being Bey's Biological father.

He has bought a lot of hurt and shame to the Knowles clan. Look, this the Knowles family have alot secret and lies they are hiding and the cat is being let out the bag.

Tina has had to put up with his trifiling ways for many years now and i hope and trust she do not let this man hurt her any further, ever in life. Good for their asses for trying to act like they're perfect.

But is she just telling fictional tales to get more money? Actually you need a whole lot more than just weave 'cause you totally suck!! I have no Idea how come Mathew Knowles couls cheat on his beautiful wife with a trash bag like this. I know hes hotter than pounds of dynamit tied together. I DONT KNOW WHERE THESE ONLINE STORIES COME FROM, BUT BEYONCE'S COUSIN'S TWITTER NAME IIISSSSSSS "ANGIE BEYINCE" .........

He lossed his job manging his daughter and he has screwed up his already tarnished image, hes a fraud and a fake. YBF..read it here...signed off.about it on the web..back here to post...does explain a whole lot of what was a secret.....that's life ..also....there is no business like show business. Why is it okay for white mistresses to come and air their dirty laundry, but it's not okay for black women, bullshit.

get the fuck outta here if she had the baby for a hood nigga she would have sit her ass somewhere I have no respect for this chick.