Kaname would then realize that it 8767 s cause of Zero he 8767 s slowly losing Yuki,then him and Zero should fight for Yuki 8767 s love.

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Yuuki gets so worked up about Kaname because she belives 87 is not 8775 good enough 87 him 8776 . On the other hand, there are a couple things I don 8767 t like about Zero too like how he self-inflicts pain, is suicidal, and wants to die at one point He just pities himself too much in some aspects.

I just feel like that was taking his angsty character a little too far.

Zero and Yuki have no family or blood relation other than they just happened to get taken in by the same person.

is mainly looked down upon because being blood-related (like brother and sister) can cause retardation and health issues, etc.

But I guess it adds to his troubled, brooding personality, which is part of what I love about him. He goes through so much during this anime and he has every reason to have the feelings that he does.

It 8767 s either kill himself now or wait and slowly watch himself degrade to level E (a monster) and die anyway, potentially harming innocent people in the process If you think about it, it would be selfish for him to choose his own life over other people 8767 s lives.Yuki should then have a choice in Zero and Kaname and give the wedding second thoughts.Sooner or later she picks her choice and let 8767 s Kaname down gently that she needs time to decide.They 8767 re still blood-related any way you want to look at it and it is still physically her brother 8767 s body that she would be reproducing with. DON 8776 T READ IF YOU DON 8776 T WANT TO KNOW) it 8767 s says that Kaname is really her ancestor and that her real brother was killed or something like that.And i have also heard that she goes with kaname and stuff they live their life, i think i heard that she a kaname have a kid or something but she see Zero at a ball and they kiss he says he loves her BLAH BLAH BLAH kaname tells them that they should be together (even though he loves her more than anything) while he dies (Don 8767 t know why) he falls into a sleep you know how vampire do cause they can 8767 t really die. BLAH BLAH BLAH Lives her life with zero has a kid with him to.They are not truly related, so I don 8767 t see how that is an argument I 8767 m not choosing sides, just stating the truth.