On Saturday, Solicitor General Taco Stein said a pink shirt and black sandals found during a search of an abandoned phosphate mine — near where Giordano told authorities Gardner disappeared — did not belong to the woman.

Giordano has told authorities that Gardner, a platinum blonde who loved tennis and running, never made it back to shore after the two became separated.

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Ex-wife: 'He can't control his anger' His family has stayed mum during the investigation, though a close friend said he can't imagine Giordano being involved in someone's death.

Court records and former romantic interests reveal a man who could by turns be charming and threatening and who's had several volatile relationships.

The woman's lawyer says her client was frightened of Giordano.

She claimed in court documents that Giordano retaliated by putting revealing photos of her in neighbors' mailboxes.

The man Aruban authorities suspect was involved in the death of his travel companion while visiting the Dutch Caribbean island courted other women with his blue-green eyes, tall physique and offers of cruises and vacations, and his $1.3 million stone mansion in the upper-class Washington suburb of Gaithersburg.

But Gary Giordano's ex-romantic interests say the allure was only surface-deep.However, court records don't suggest an especially bitter split.Accusations In the three years since, other women he dated — many of them thin and blond like Gardner — found that their romantic relationships with him turned ugly.He also continued to live just blocks away from his ex-wife and children, in a contemporary home set apart from the neighborhood by a long, ascending driveway.A sign on the front door advises visitors they're under surveillance. Although his house suggests a man who values his privacy, Giordano is also gregarious and fun, said Eric Curtis, a friend who said he regularly hangs out with him in restaurants and bars.One woman accused him of threatening her by saying "the world would be better off without me" and of secretly videotaping their sexual encounters.