This should also put a stop on the speculation based theories where Rama existed in Xth Treta Yuga and having a life span of 10k years.

Even if exact planet position may recur (less likely though), the hard details like Ramsetu cannot be retained for lacs of years as it is.

astronomical dating of mahabharata-40

day shows that Ashvini gave way to bright star Chitra (α Vir) on opposite side (Western horizon). It began to be used for determining the year beginning.

A full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra provided a new time marker in the sky and heralded the lunar month naming system-Chaitra, Vaisakha etc. A full Moon occurring in Citra heralded the lunar month naming system-Caitra, Vaisakha etc (Tait.

The Pandavas, after winning the Mahabharat war, ruled Hastinapur for 36 years and 8 months until the beginning of kaliyug in 3102 BC.

2) Srimad Ramayana was written much earlier to Mahabharata.

Heliacal rising of Ashwini Nakshatra (Aries) can be seen to occur on 5th January, 7000 BC, marking the year beginning (Fig.

1)longer occurred near Aries (Asvini) due to precession.

Thousands of years of water security provided by Saraswati, Indus and Ganga river systems and world's most fertile planes cultivated around them naturally facilitated the extra-ordinary development of culture and civilization from around 8000 B. After thousands of years water supply from ice-caps started depleting, tectonic movements resulted in drying up of rivers like Saraswati, trade relations flourished and more adventurous people started moving towards Central Asia and Europe.

Thus there was neither any end of Vedic civilisation due to imaginary Aryan invasion theory nor were Dravidians 'aboriginal savages' of North India.

The rise and fall of Vedic Civilisation is thus attributable to ecological cycle post last ice age and not to any 'Aryan invasion'There are 53 references in Rigveda as prayers offered to Aswinis at dawn.

The description clearly points to the observation of the pair of stars in the Aries constellation (referred to as Aashvin or Asvini) just before sunrise as a ritual to mark the year beginning.

They used a software named Planetorium, simulated arrangement of planets as per Valmiki Ramayana and determined that the same arrangement of planets existed in 5114 BCE.