Recently, she opened up more about how she coped with the death of her mother and — for the first time — shared details about her struggle with disordered eating."I kind of was just like, 'I’m just going to be upfront with everyone,'" she says.

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"It's really important that young girls know the difference."Alexis was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer in January 2014.

Its sad to know I can't come home today and give you a hug and thank you for being the best mom three little girls could've asked for.

BA, which once used the slogan ‘the world’s favourite airline’, has had four stars since the ratings began 18 years ago.

A downgrade to three would see it fall further behind five-star rivals including Etihad and Singapore Airlines.

It's hard going through life without you, but you've made us all such strong girls and every day we want to make you proud. A post shared by ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) on Alexis, who has two sisters and a younger brother, was homeschooled and extremely close to her mom.

She didn't always enjoy the same relationship with her father, a lawyer whom Alexis says worked a ton while she was growing up.

(Her mother had been a health nutritionist.)Alexis met Jay Alvarrez around the same time her eating issues developed.

(They discovered each other on Tumblr and Jay asked out Alexis via Instagram.) Their relationship got serious quickly: "I tried to replace [my mom] with another person, which obviously doesn’t work out, especially when you’re young and you put your faith into a person who has different intentions," she says.

BA has been widely accused of becoming more like a budget airline under chief executive Alex Cruz, despite typically charging significantly higher fares.