Also, posts which declare intentions to commit a crime would be referred to the police, due to events such as the Neomugicha incident.

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All of the pictures show the standard 16 gauge (2 9/16) on the top and the magnum 16 gauge (2 3/4) on the bottom.

By the way, the 2 9/16 gun has the original, worn rust blue, the 2 3/4 gun was reblued.

On occasion, 2channel has been accused of being reluctant to remove defamatory postings.

The discussion boards are also often used to coordinate real-life demonstrations; as an example, 2channel users organised an August 2011 rally against Fuji Television, under the concern that the channel was broadcasting too many Korean television shows.

Apart from collecting revenue from the 2channel visitors it also attracts website owners of the linked pages who check their statistics and can't link it back to 2channel.

Users will often attempt to bypass this system by removing the h from http in URLs, encouraging others to copy and paste the link, thus avoiding the referral page.

The name "2channel" is allegedly a reference to how RF modulators, commonly used for connecting earlier-generation game consoles (such as Family Computer by Nintendo) to television sets, default to VHF channel 2 in Japan.

Since 2channel's servers were located in the United States, the website enjoyed a greater degree of immunity to legal action from within Japan, in comparison to its predecessors.

On 2ch, a name field is available, but it is seldom used.