It's weird, because generally speaking, I consider myself to have a pretty high libido.But, when it comes to actual sex with my partner, I feel like it's never enough for him.The best thing for us is actually hotel sex, even if it's a 'staycation' — because that seems to be the only way we can truly detach from chores and all of the distractions at home."Relationship length: three years Sex frequency: once per month“Our relationship has had its ups and downs.

We don't always come together, or on the same day, but we enjoy each other every time.

He also makes it a point to make me come multiple times in multiple ways when we have sex.

By the time we're in the thick of it, we're just quivering with excitement.

I guess we just spent so long not being able to have sex that now, fucking really feels like a privilege.

The stress plus the lack of physical time together means that we're really only able to get it on once on the weekend. I did pull out the vibrator the other day, which was nice.

I've told my partner that I want to try watching porn together, and he says that he's okay with it, but somehow he seems hesitant, so we haven't tried it.

But, now that I have become more adventurous and comfortable with my actions — and with 'carrying my weight' in the bedroom — I am so into it and want to pleasure her all the time.”Relationship length: five years Sex frequency: three to four times per week“I generally feel bad about our sexual frequency.

I am always questioning whether I'm being 'proactive' enough (what a ridiculous business term to use in this context) about initiating sex, or responsive enough during sex, or whether I'm meeting some standard of lustiness.

The amount of sex we’re having has changed from the start of the relationship.