albeit with a tie for that dubbel as best new beer with the Antebellum saison from Ambler's Forest & Main.

Together, they illustrated the dramatic leaps forward a new brewery can take within just a few years of opening, a phenomenon this competition has demonstrated before.

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Pennsauken's Double Nickel Brewing Co., a prize-winner last year with its Vienna-style lager, showed consistency.

A completely different panel of judges put the same beer in this year's lager finals.

There was a complete deadlock for the first time ever at the Inquirer's annual Brewvitational competition for local craft beers, with two completely different styles of brews vying for the top new-beer prize, a bretty saison and a roasty Belgian-style dubbel.

One of last year's judges suddenly reappeared and attempted (but failed) to tip the balance. " chanted Wardell Massey, a certified beer judge and prize-winning home brewer who took a Thursday off from his day job in finance to be one of the 12 experts at the 2017 Brewvitational. " He cupped his hands around the saison marked #77 and then deeply inhaled its tart and funky aroma.

“I have very warm memories of that scene,” Cohen says.

“So do I,” laughs the 40-year-old model-turned-actress.RELATED: Diane Kruger Opens Up About Life-Changing Boyfriend Joshua Jackson “It kind of sucked. But he wasn’t the most pleasant person,” she told back in April.“He was just a drunk.” Bratt and Kruger’s latest film, “The Infiltrator”, stars Bryan Cranston as an undercover agent on the hunt for drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in 1980s Miami. Benjamin Bratt has shared the screen with some lovely leading ladies over the years, getting intimate in front of the cameras with co-stars.Now, the actor admits that filming certain hot and heavy love scenes didn’t require much “acting” on his part.For the five-year-old Forest & Main, which has placed in the Brewvi before but never won, achieving this kind of barrel-aged saison, with its elusive balance of earthy edge and ethereal elegance swirling in a complex wave of tartness, funk, and grassy herbal notes, is the long result of trial and error.