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Ethan (Jared Fortune) , because he believes that he sees himself as the fiancée of Niamh and he finds it hard to bear that she's looking for another man. He's just in it because he has probably nothing else to do.

They arrive at the French village like two genuine Irish hooligans.

How the Hell this was nominated for anything other than the Bin is a Joke on us ALL and just proves that Film makers today can get away with heaping untold filth in disguise as Art upon us with impunity.

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I've always said that foam-free, warm beer is fatal for human brain cells.

So despite the beautiful renditions of Henry Douthwaite and Yvonne O' Grady, "Off Piste" reasonably far-fetched.

I have not heard so many appalling Irish Accents since that Garbage with Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt (Devils Own) and that other travesty with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones (Blown Away) The main Reviewer, just like Dozens of others on IMDb, is clearly a ' Friend of the Family' or someone close to whomever compiled this utter utter tripe.

The Lead Actor is Fine and I suppose his Mother was OK, but the so called ' Irish Characters' will make you cringe, they are so poor.

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Meanwhile her unstable, obsessed with her friend chases after her with his equally dangerous mate. The 2 Irish men find her very quickly, she spurns the obsessed one - again - and the 2 men make an unbelievable decision.