This in turn stops the media from treating it as such, leaving the families of the missing little support to find their loved ones.

Furthermore, this inaction by police makes black and brown women easy targets for human sex trafficking, which correlates with the statistics showing that 40.4 percent of victims are black women in comparison to white women (26 percent).

So let’s get to breaking it down, why Jouelzy can’t wait until August 25th when she’ll be boarding that one way flight to Houston.

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Long story, short…tl:dr…I strongly dislike the District of Columbia. There is absolutely nothing about living in DC that I like.

Ok, I like my barber and Founding Farmers…everything else, yeah won’t be missed.

It is now that we must as a community come together, as we have countless times before, and be a voice for the missing.

The stories of Renisha Mcbride, Korryn Gaines, and Sandra Bland could have also stayed local news if the power of Black Twitter had not made them national topics of concern.

Elizabeth Smart, a former kidnapping victim, sits in the audience before U. Sadly, their stories quickly become yesterday’s tragedy.

To date, Relisha’s body has never been found, and although D. police decided to reopen the search in April 2016, it looks as though Relisha will become another memory of the past.

But I did not want to come across super negative/bitter in the video, hence why it took me 7 attempts to finally get a recording that I liked, because my experience is not the universal experience.

Albeit the comments on this video have showed the majority do agree with my opinion on the nation’s capital.

Even still, with so many now starting to get involved in coverage and attention, the majority of the outlets reporting these cases are those with a predominantly African-American audience, and it has yet to get the attention of major network news.

As of today, another two black girls have gone missing in the D. area with, not surprisingly, little coverage outside of local news. He has written for, The Grio, JET,,, and The Huffington Post on topics of health, race, gender, sex, and education.

How often do you see an Amber Alert when the child is black or brown versus when the child is white?