Given the choice, it would seem many Black Berry users are keen to move to a different platform.If you're wondering whether to switch from BB10 to a rival platform, here are some issues for you to think about before you make your final decision.

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I would STRONGLY urge you to reconsider continued use of Messenger. → With respect to Hub integration, a big part of what we’re trying to do is push the user into the richest possible viewer.

We’ll never build a better Facebook experience than Facebook themselves.

We’ll never build a better Whats App experience than Whats App, etc., etc..

So we aim to push you into the richest possible experience which is typically hosted by that specific application.

2) There was little space for Black Berry to truly differentiate here from any of the other competitors.

3) We simply did not have the resourcing to make it happen along with all the other features we needed to build.To stay updated on PRIV, bookmark the Inside Black Berry blog and if you need PRIV support, visit → PRIV is about a choice of personal privacy, productivity and input.→ We are constantly monitoring customer requests for additional social networking and messaging integration’s into the Black Berry Hub.We need to work with partners before we can definitively say whether we will be including any specific applications, but this is certainly one we’re looking to integrate for a future release ~Michael • Greetings!If you haven’t already, bookmark the Inside Black Berry[1] to stay informed ~Michael • Hello guys, Thanks for this AMA, I’m a proud owner of a Priv since day 1 (Loving it!