One day what was just “understood” might not be and you’ll be left wondering, “how did this happen?

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Now, you might be thinking, “We don’t have boundaries and we are fine! I’m stoked your marriage is fine, but if you’re following this blog, don’t you have a desire to give even MORE to your marriage and to always be looking for ways to further deepen your bond of oneness?

Maybe you don’t have specific outlined boundaries, but maybe you do have some boundaries that are just “understood.” Kind of like moral law, it’s just “understood” by all decent humans – for the most part.

However, there´s a difference between hurt which you can easily recover and feeling the kind of hurt which is the result of abuse as you lose yourself in the dating experience.

That´s the reason why boundaries in dating are necessary.

Your heart won’t let you enter these depths of intimacy because it can’t trust that it will be protected. Every affair started with two people on their wedding day proclaiming their love to one another, but failing to protect that love with boundaries. But a wish without a plan is exactly that, just a wish.

Boundaries enable trust because you can rely on them during times of vulnerability. You need a PLAN to successfully achieve almost anything, including a healthy marriage. Also, are we so naive to think that we are immune to the sin of lust? Now, Auj and I are still considered newly weds, and claim to know anything.

Marriage should be protected with some boundaries, even if that means making some sacrifices! Likewise, we set up boundaries in our marriages to PROTECT our love. Very rarely does someone set out to have an affair… Affairs and/or emotional cheating is something that gradually happens over time.

Without total commitment and boundaries to protect your sacred union, you will never reach the potential of deep intimacy within your marriage. We’ve all heard people say, “My spouse would never cheat on me.” Well, are there boundaries set in place to ensure that?

Apparently, they are in a healthy committed relationship and guard it with some boundaries. This created quite the internet storm, and people were absurdly defaming and criticizing the Pence’s because of their boundary.