She should know too: Nethero trained under the Queen of England's royal bra fitter and has earned the nickname "bra whisperer." Once you find the right-fitting cup, you are only halfway there to finding the right bra.

Next up -- finding a bra with the right-sized band ...

Instead of tugging at your bra or wearing loose-fitting shirts to cover up the dreaded back fat that's hanging out along the edges of your bra, there is an easier solution -- buy a bra with a smaller band size.

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If your tissue is creeping out, then the cup size is likely too small.

In contrast, Susan Nethero of Intimacy stores told that if there are dimples in the bra material then the cup size is probably too large and you should consider trying a smaller size.

To appease offended customers, the restaurant manager assures female clients that they will be measured by their female servers, rather than male staff.

After launching the promotion, the manager told the .

The poster, which first appeared on Aug 1, has been taken down, following complaints from locals.

But women willing to let their cup size net them a cheaper meal can still get their discount.According to My, the average woman's breasts change shape, size and distribution more than six times in her lifetime due to factors such as weight loss, weight gain, amount of exercise, childbirth and medications. 5: Size yourself up When it comes to finding a bra, you can't just eye up the undergarment to see if it's the right size.If you think it's time you got a bra that fits right, and to give yourself a comfy fit and a more flattering look, follow these tips to find the right-sized bra for you. Finding the right bra requires measuring to determine your bust and band size.Of course, that’s assuming that the user is taking her measurements correctly and that the algorithm is good in the first place.But as far as fit calculators go, it’s noninvasive, private, and, hopefully, a step in the right direction when it comes to conquering bad bras once and for all.However, it actually means that the band is too big.