Greg led a team of talented executives who oversaw a staff of thousands.Together, Greg and his team were able to partner with some of the world's best known technology companies, including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, EMC, and others that sold storage equipment to businesses and governments around the world.From my perspective, our criminal justice system has lost perspective when those within it work to incarcerate citizens for decisions they make during the course of business, especially when those decisions lacked any criminal intent and any effort at self enrichment.

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During Greg's tenure at Brocade Communication Systems, he served the shareholders as chief executive officer and chairman.

In that capacity, he did his best to create value by turning a high-technology start-up into a world-class corporation that would create enormous value for shareholders, customers, and employees. It was one of the hottest technology companies during the euphoric times that preceded the turn of the century.

With its fiber-optic networking products, Brocade unlocked storage capacity for its customers, enabling them to both make and save money.

The stock market rewarded Brocade with a peak market valuation that at one point exceeded $24 billion. Mary's University with a degree in business but he did not attend graduate school.

We became friends while he served his sentence inside the federal prison camp in Taft, California.

For 11 months, we spent a portion of every day talking and I learned a great deal from him.Johnson Fistel aggressively pursues complex litigation matters for both plaintiffs and defendants on an hourly or contingency fee basis depending upon the circumstances of the matter.While not an exhaustive list, below are a few of the cases for which the firm has achieved noteworthy successful results for its clients.Larry's reputation preceded him as one of the nation's most well known and respected corporate governance experts. Sonsini's advice came at a steep price, as in exchange for advising Greg and Brocade's board of directors, Larry demanded compensation through stock that the market came to value at more than million.Nevertheless, Greg wanted the best advisors, and he agreed to meet Sonsini's compensation demands.I know how much pain the criminal charges brought to his life.