(There are exceptions, of course.) Capitalize names of people, places, and things. Smith, Grandma Elliott, and Fido are capitalized but not italicized or put in quotation marks.

The same is true for Disney World, the Grand Canyon, Edie’s Bistro, and the World Series.

An error in the use of italics or quotation marks—using one rather than the other or not using either when their use is required—is not likely a problem that will have an agent or publisher turning down your manuscript, especially if your manuscript isn’t bulging with other errors.

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And if you self-publish, when you’re the one doing the editing, you’ll definitely want to know how and when to use both italics and quotation marks and know how to choose between them.

To start off, I will point out that there is no need to anything in a novel manuscript.

CMOS may be differentiating between physical ships with individual names and railroad route names, which is typically what is named when we think of trains; the specific grouping of train cars may not be named and may actually change from one trip to another. If they do, you would be safe to italicize that name.

While I understand this reasoning, I see no problem with italicizing a train’s (or a train route’s) commonly known name—: Uncommon or unfamiliar foreign words are italicized the first time they are used in a story. Foreign-language words familiar to most readers do not need italics.

Exception: Titles of artwork dating from antiquity whose creators are unknown are not italicized.

(the Venus de Milo or the Seated Scribe) is to not italicize train names.This means a book title is italicized, and chapter titles (but not chapter numbers) are in quotation marks.A TV show title is italicized, but episode titles are in quotation marks.(I italicized them because in my example they are words used as words.) “Use caution, my dear.That pretty flower you like so much is : Use italics to emphasize a word or part of a word. A character who emphasizes words all the time may sound odd. Examples: I wanted a new dress, but I : Character thoughts can be expressed in multiple ways; italics is one of those ways.Proper names and places in foreign languages are never italicized.