\ which was not exactly what her husband had expected.It\'s probably just as well that the cuckold couldn\'t see the picture being presented.At the same time, she had her hand between his legs and she had his balls in her hand.\Nothing could be better than this,\ he thought. \ His \oh gods\ were drowned out by their muffled \oohs\ and \aahs.\ This went on for what seemed like an eternity but which was in reality just a few minutes. More cum shot out of his cockhead than either woman expected.

He would slowly insert a digit in deeper and deeper and then as he tantalizingly withdrew it, he would tease her clit with his thumb.\Oh god, baby, you are one talented young man,\ she gasped squeezing her thighs together which trapped Jeff\'s finger while it was still in her.

\Keep that up and I\'m going to get us in an accident. Amazingly, she did not lose control of the car but as she came, she had slowed down enough to raise the ire of the driver behind her. Giggling she grabbed Jeff\'s wet digit and had him give the surprised guy the wet one finger salute. Jeff being younger and more athletic had his pants off and was proudly stroking his manhood while now leaning back on the rear seat.\It\'s all yours, Mrs. but give me some head first,\ he boldly told her while stroking it.

It didn\'t matter that Chrissy was sleeping with the boy too as he always seemed to be able to get it up. Every so often she would take some of the pre-cum that was leaking out and tantalizingly bring it to her lips.

\Oh the joys of being young,\ she thought wistfully. knowing that the older woman couldn\'t get enough of his cock emboldened him to say, \Oh yeah, Mrs. They both knew it wouldn\'t be long before she would bring him to completion.\Fucking A! \Bobby\'s mom jacking me off while she\'s driving.\ He wished he could brag about it to the world but knew that would be the end of his friendship with his best friend. Jeff saw her bosom rising and falling from the sudden outburst and he boldly reached across to cup her right boob.\Hmmm, hon, that\'s nice but I think the other cars might see that. Starting at her knee, Jeff tenderly squeezed and kneaded her thigh as his hand slowly inched its way up and under her skirt.

Looking up into his dark blue eyes she asked, \Like it baby? \The teen could only grunt his approval as he put his hand on the beck of her neck and urged her to take the purple crown back into her moist hot mouth. Canyon crawled around until the two cougars were sharing his rock hard erection. And as fate would have it, the bedside phone rang at almost the exact same time. The first spurt shot straight into Diana\'s open mouth hitting her tonsils so hard that she instinctively closed her mouth and swallowed. \ Meanwhile the phone continued its irritating ring.

When the two met at the head they would exchange open mouthed kisses which were especially erotic to the teen who had only ever seen two women kissing in porno movies. Jeff\'s second cannonade bounced off her cheek and deposited itself in Mrs. Undeterred Chrissy gobbled the boy\'s spurting fountain into her now open mouth just as his third and fourth offerings shot out. Indeed, Diana Dennison was enjoying every drop she could elicit from her young lover.

His wife while trying to explain why it had taken so long to answer was getting more and more agitated with him.

She still had traces of her young lover\'s cum on her chest and tits and their real estate agent was doing her best to lick all the evidence clean.

While one lathered his cock with her tongue or sucked on its crown, the other would lean under and using her hands pull his testes into her mouth and proceed to suck his balls. While she was content to let the 18 year old finish in her mouth, she didn\'t object when Diana pulled Jeff\'s still erupting cock out and back into her mouth. Finally he was empty and groaning almost in pain now.