A competitor for the academic degree candidate of sceince presents a dissertation as a specially prepared manuscript or a published monograph.A dissertation should be written independently, contain an aggregate of new scientific results and theses, which are submitted by the author for a public defense, have an internal unity and acknowledge author's personal contribution to science.

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To defend a dissertation a citizen of a CIS country, who received a higher education after dissolution of the USSR not in Russia, should present a certificate of equivalence of higher professional education, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation or by the Federal Service of Supervision in Education and Science Sphere.

As for the rest the order of presentation a thesis for defence for citizens of CIS countries is the same as for the citizenry of the Russian Federation.

You can find more detailed information in websites of this institutions and at the VAK website.

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The terms and order of such a defense are stated by the Statute of Academic Degrees Awarding.

The work on a candidate dissertation is carried out through aspirantura or in universities and scientific research institutions of the Russian Federation. As a vascular surgery Trainee Candidate member, you will be able to gain valuable contacts in the specialty, engage in several leadership opportunities, as well as help improve SVS programs for other trainees.Trainees who are currently accepted to or enrolled in accredited vascular surgery residency training programs in the United States or Canada automatically become vascular surgery Trainee Candidate members.Please email Student [email protected] to confirm your membership status.This membership provides a platform for vascular surgery trainees to gain access to valuable career resources and helps foster a community of like-minded, professional peers.The term of candidate member is allotted to a maximum of three years after completion of a vascular training program.