” reveals that the scientific community is expecting many more examples of dinosaur soft tissue in the future.

These facts have been a thorn in their side for several years now as they are incredibly difficult to explain within an evolutionary (millions of years) timeframe.

So the iron in the dinosaur’s blood must have preserved the organic material.

And scientists know what they are talking about much better than I do so dinosaur soft tissue makes sense to me …” It’s actually very strategic.

“The researchers also analyzed other fossils for the presence of soft tissue, and found it was present in about half of their samples going back to the Jurassic Period, which lasted from 145.5 million to 199.6 million years ago…” These photos are from a later (2005) paper by Schweitzer which reported on the discovery of soft tissue, in addition to strengthening the red blood cell identification—see Still Soft and Stretchy Left: The flexible branching structures in the bone were justifiably identified as “blood vessels”.

Soft tissues like blood vessels should not be there if the bones were 65 million years old.

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The ‘average Joe’ might think; “Oh I get it, iron acts as a preserving agent like formaldehyde, the stuff scientists use to embalm things.

It’s like those animals preserved in jars I’ve seen in laboratories.

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