Although it only aired a few months of new episodes, this was a breakout season for Degrassi: The Next Generation. Meanwhile, The N airs Moesha and Daria reruns, and busses its hits from Canada.

I just love a good soap opera, and trust me, Degrassi is the best soap around.

Must admit with some others here that Cassie Steele and Mike Lobel steal the film.

Having helped stop school shooter Rick (Ephraim Ellis), Sean wrestled with his feelings of guilt and mortality, straining his relationship with adorable goth chick Ellie (Stacey Farber) in the process. Not only was the episode compelling and entertaining, but it was also dramatic, effective, well-acted... Clark finally broke free from the "brooding yet sensitive loner" role and cried.

The scene played like a final exam for his years in the unofficial Degrassi acting class. "Back in Black" (which reunited Sean with his long-estranged parents) was the actor's last episode.

), and enjoyable characters; even some surprise guest stars.

, now known simply as “Degrassi”, is the television series exploring the authentic high school experience.

These two are raising new stars and I'm sure Hollywood will be seeing a lot of them in the future.

There are sparks between the two and they sure do fly.

Admirably, the show has held its ensemble together for several years, but little by little pieces are breaking off. viewers can count on The N to slow progress considerably, as with "Accidents Will Happen," which disappeared somewhere around the U. No feature about Degrassi this year was complete without mention of that two-part episode following 14-year-old Manny's (Cassie Steele) accidental pregnancy and subsequent abortion.

Burnout is also a concern: Degrassi's writers race through so many issues, afflictions, obstacles, and disasters that slowing down may be the only way to keep pace with actual teen culture. While The N has hedged about whether the episode will ever air, continuity has already passed it by: Degrassi fans uninformed by internet gossip were left wondering what had made Manny so sullen and weary.

Indeed, it has already lasted far longer than one-season wonders MSCL and Geeks.