She seemed distracted and distant and a long way from the usual sunny personality which has made her a star on both sides of the Atlantic.The So You Think You Can Dance host has been based in LAfor the past couple of years, making her name as an entertainment presenter.News of the split was broken by the Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye in his Friday column.

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She started seeing Huston, who plays Royce King II in the third Twilight film Eclipse, in September 2008.

The couple moved in together following Huston's break up with supermodel Helena Christensen.

Following the arrival of their son Milo in January 2016, the comedian said he now finds himself so far down in the pecking order that even their dog gets better treatment. Patrick explained: "It's a bit more difficult whenever you've got Milo, when you've got the baby.

You have a dog: you're number three."So, basically, you just spend your life just going down the pecking order and doing what you're told."The Irish TV presenter and his wife live with their one-year-old tot in Los Angeles, though the difficulty of travelling with a little one means that the couple haven't been able to return home to their beloved UK as often as they would like.

Now he's thinking his career can only benefit from being single.

It was insensitive on Jack's part, and Cat is pretty upset.When the relationship began, British-born Jack -a member of the Huston acting dynasty - had yet to become a household name.Since then, the pair have frequently been pictured in romantic clinches. He wasn't always meant to play such a bag guy, however. "I auditioned for another part -- a newborn vampire -- and kind of shocked the producers. I hadn't slept the night before and had drunk lots of coffee. " Indeed Huston is not, but his character Royce King isn't the nicest fella.The couple stepped out amid rumours Huston had ended the couple's 20 month romance to focus on his burgeoning film career.