Zero Tolerance For Violence One punch is one too many.If your potential suitor hits or physically abuses you once, it will happen again.

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This may seem like a harmless activity, but from my tribunal experience I have come to realize just how unhealthy are the expectations pornography creates in marriage.

It severely undermines the marriage covenant because one spouse looks upon the other as an object of pleasure, rather than as a spouse.

Therefore, out of Christian charity you should forgive him; however, out of this same love you need to dump him and carefully tell him the truth: Until he gets counseling for his violent temper, he is not ready to court. This applies to any situation in which you believe your potential suitor is leading you to compromise your Catholic faith and morals.

Again, most teenagers do not go out looking for compromising situations; rather these situations arise because adolescence is an awkward time when young people are trying to fit in, which leads to a certain group mentality taking over.

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[Close this notice.] Pete Vere shares advice regarding unhealthy teenage dating behavior, as well as what type of courtship leads to healthy marriages. Paul, MN, January 24, 2002 There is a growing debate within Catholic circles surrounding the merits of courtship as opposed to dating.Your potential suitor will say the violence was accidental because he was angry, and he may apologize, profess his love, and promise you it will never happen again.He probably means it and intends to follow through.If he hits you once, however, he is not in control of his temper.Until he gets help and brings his temper under control, he is in no condition to court.A Single Warning Suffices While teenage boys are a little different, most adolescent girls I know do not set out in a relationship to lose their virginity.