We said goodbye for good on December 9, when the series finale aired.

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As a long-time fan of , I was delighted to get the chance to talk with Maggie Siff not only about what Season Six of the biker drama will have in store for Tara, but also about her love of the stage (she still performs regularly between seasons), The Daily Quirk: I know that you have a background in theater; I was curious do think you’ll ever return to the stage? Maggie Siff: Oh well, I never really left the stage.

You know almost every hiatus that I’ve had from the show I’ve come back to New York and done plays.

Meanwhile, Perlman is honing his voice-over chops as both The Lich and Snail in the trippy cartoon series Maggie Siff’s role as Jax’s Old Lady Tara Knowles has seen her character go from an innocent doctor passing through town to Teller’s loyal wife, willing to do whatever it takes to keep SAMCRO alive.

Siff first rose to fame for her role as Rachel Menken in As club VP Bobby Munson and in many ways the moral center of SAMCRO, Boone has blossomed in his first major role since we first recognized him as the crooked cop Bruce Wayne strung upside-down to interrogate in , despite having a whopping 123 acting credits to his name since 1986.

Take a look at some of the best pictures of Charlie Hunnam and his famous friends, then get to know his gorgeous girlfriend and check out 30 things you may not know about the sexy star.

Maggie Siff has the kind of range most actresses dream of and she puts it to good use playing the type of complex women television is sorely lacking.

That hasn't changed."What has changed, according to creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter, is how the show's final season will play out compared to Sutter's original plan.

"I always had a sense of where I wanted it to go and I would come in each season with a blueprint... "I've learned that over seven seasons now, the looser I grip that idea, the better the seasons are. I came in with how I wanted the season to end and we're heading in that direction, but things change.

Perlman first made headlines as the title character in back in 2004, and then in the sequel four years later.

Now there’s talk he might don the trenchcoat and red makeup once again in a third installment, although IMDB has yet to indicate that it’s anything more than a rumor.

Always been headed in the same direction, but the way I'm getting there continuously changes." One thing's for sure: The final season will likely be brutal.