Leaving Hogno Khan we drive to Karakorum, Genghis Khan's capital in the 13th century.

En route, we'll visit the immense Erdene Zuu Monastery - Mongolia's first Buddhist centre established in the 16th century and now an active monastery as well as a museum.

The nomads live in harmony with their surroundings and move with the seasons. It is likely that, at some point during our trip, we will be invited to share a drink of airag or koumiss (fermented mare's milk) with these friendly people.

On a hill outside the monastery sits an interestingly shaped rock - a reminder for the monks to remain celibate.

We also visit the Karakorum Museum which chronicles the history of the Khan Empire along with artefacts from the ruined city.

The beautiful flowers and butterflies en route also make it worthwhile.

You may wish to visit the nearby freshwater pool and watch the impressive birdlife that inhabits this area.

The other thing that will doubtless strike you when travelling through these great expanses of Mongolia is the varied bird life.

Mongolian Lark, Demoiselle Cranes and Black Vultures may be seen, to name but a very few.

On this trip, we discover everything that is unique and special about Mongolia - the endless blue sky, picturesque steppe, vast desert and welcoming nomadic hospitality.

We enjoy traditional ger (Mongolian yurt) accommodation in the tranquil Mongolian wilderness and soak up the culture in Ulaan Baatar.

Upon arrival in Ulaan Baatar you will be checked-in to your hotel where you will have the opportunity to relax after your flight.

Largely modernised, this capital city is the hub of Mongolia in every sense and home to nearly half of the country's population.

There is a chance to visit the Erdene Khombo monastery, led by a lady abbot located in the mountain nearby.