cyber bully anyone in chat or anywhere on the site not limited to chatango, and the chat box, doing so, (with the proper proof) , will result in being banned and the ability to earn goldins and crowns will be taken away permanently.Chatandgames was created for everyone to have fun, not to be harrassed, and we wont tolerate cyber bullying.See rules, staff, layout, full realm detail along with information and available RP jobs and lodging, visit the full website at atrueangelsbar., Our OOC chat is atruebar., For group RP Discussion use our Event Room thetruebarrpt., The Bar universe time is set as MST (US/Mountain Standard Time) If bar is on self served assume your order and payment is handled via the “Money Fairy” A NPC in the form of a glowing orb.

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Thank you to all the ponies who helped move Ponyville into the next season. It's that time of year where we clear the snow out of Ponyville, wake up all the hibernating animals and plant some crops.

If you haven't returned your team vest yet, please be sure to drop it off at Town Hall. So get your shovel, an alarm clock, and a hoof full of parsnip seeds.

It's also an oppurtunity to party all night with friends and watch the sun come up the next day.

This year the Summer Sun Celebration will be once again held in the Hub of Ponyville, on the 21st.

Don your delightfully spooky costumes and prepare your confectionary collection buckets, for Nightmare Night Week is upon you!

Throughout the week there shall be a festival in town, involving games, entertainment, trick-or-treating! There will also be a special attraction during the week in Ponyville. The maze will be available sporadically during the week so there will be plenty of chances to get lost within!The chill in the air and the dark silhouette on the moon can mean only one thing, Nightmare Night has once again come to Equestria. Leave treats out for those who've passed beyond the Veil.So don your costume and get your candy, but don't forget to make your offering to the Nightmare Moon statue near the forests' edge, or October 31st - Nightmare Night begins! November 7th - Peace Observance, join in the feast at Town Hall to celebrate the coming of winter. You may submit scores for multiple characters seperately or submit all your points for a single character.This includes some of the new C4 features, such as a more robust interface that allows for tabbed private messaging and independant group chat creation.Of course, we still believe in a safe and friendly roleplaying environment suitable for teens and adults, but we also want to give our members more creative leeway so that they are free to express themselves and their Equestrian creations to the fullest!We also still have public galleries for all of our users where you can easily upload and share all of your pony-related art and creations.