“Couples use his erection as a barometer of his turn-on,” explains Joan Marsman, a marriage and sex therapist in Toronto.

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“Set the mood, light some candles, put on some sexy lingerie and take your time,” says Vogels. survey of 2,000 women, those who masturbated with a vibrator were more interested in sex, had an easier time reaching orgasm and experienced less pain during and after sex compared to those who didn’t use one and those who didn’t masturbate at all.

And, “since a picture is worth a thousand words, masturbating with or in front of your partner is a great way to teach him what you like.” Tip Try using a vibrator. Lubrication is important for preventing pain during intercourse, says Dr.

Because a woman’s libido is affected by how close she feels to her partner, fostering an emotional connection with your mate is especially important for a good sex life, says Vancouver clinical sexologist David Mc Kenzie.

So keep things heated up by playing the dating game. “It’s our time together to talk over the day and reconnect.” Tip Don’t lose the intimacy of sex.

Tip Don’t be surprised if, when your partner has ED, you temporarily misplace your libido.

Research from the University of Western Ontario in London shows this is often the case; however, the problem can be remedied when your partner’s ED is treated.

Try to enjoy those occasions and, once in a while, use them as opportunities to initiate a lovemaking session.

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Self-pleasuring helps keep the pubococcygeal muscles – which form the floor of your pelvis – in shape, improving sexual sensations, says Mezes.