Most punjabis in punjab aren't really interested in speaking punjabi. Asians can't be bothered with punjabi or urdu/hindi for that matter. I don't speak much punjabi, although I am 100% one. I understand it, I just prefer to converse in something I am better at - English.I don't blame my parents for not teaching me the language, they tried, and they speak it well, but I just can't grasp the nuances of this complicated language.

Aes laye Punjabi Boli Nu developer karan walya nu chahida ke oh punjabi boli vich technical words foreighn language vicho lain. I would recommend it to all Punjabi brothers and sisters to go through its Shahmukhy and Gurmukhy pages and some of the articles real eye opening. No they are useless and pointless here and in any case they are very bad. i had many friends but now ""sano chad gay nay yar purany nayan day laray lag kay""""" so if here any nice friend can me mail this address (aamirsclub- at - see u again aamir Please can somebody send me some panjabi phrases to learn.

Punjabi Apne words Russi, Chini, Turkas, Spanish, French Japani ja hor Develped lagnuages vicho lai sakdi e. ansi bahrle words nu Punjabi language de antonyms ja synonyms nal punjabinuma bna sakde phir use language de word nu kise hor foreign language de antonyms nal punjabi boli vich laya sakde han. JUZ WANTED 2 HOLLA - at - SOME PUNJABI ~~ PAKI ~~ DESI PEOPLE... Punjabi Net Editor Thanks for your reply but can you please tell me what is this above and how come you don't worry about it. Network Replies Dear Brother Ashraf Ji Meherbaani janaab tuadi. We always remove if someone responsible like you informs us. A panjabi family have just moved next door and I would like to talk to them.

If other "righteous" punjabis stop condemning those who are not too familiar with their mother tongue and concentrate instead on getting to know each other better, then and only then we can form a great community.

Unfortunately, most punjabis are very happy in condemning others and I don't see this disgusting habit stopping anytime soon.

I go to college, In my English class i always want to write about Punjabi culture, or about Sikhism and about Gurudwara, but i can't seem to find right infromation any where, if i read the newspaper, it says oh, in this Gurudwara someone killed this person, or they are mostly fighting over who is the better Sikh etc... I feel sorry for the young generation living in foreign countries like australia, USA, UK.....are forgetting their culture, their language. Par mainu bada dukh lagda hai ke ithe saare jaane aapde bacheya (childrens) nu punjabi boli dassan di jagaa angreji de bol bul waake bada maan samjde han .

I JUST HAVE A QUESTION: WHY ALL PUNJABI (SIKH) PEOPLE CAN' T LIVE 2GATHER? "Menu Us Australian Vir di gal vang bahut Dukh hunda eh dekh ke jadu Gurudawara sahib jayeda tan Langar shaquandein bhi sevadar english which serv karde hun, te naal hi naal jadon Maa baap apna bacjian naal apni maa boli di thaan te ena phirangein di boli bolda hun. Par is de ult chinese ja chinka party aapde children's nu aapdi language teach karan wich maan mehsoos karde han .Jime Kender(markaz), Pardarshi(shafaf), Anuvad(Tarjuma), Akhar(harf), Shbad(lafz) and many more.Punjabi ve Aho lafz varte jande ne Punjabi nu technical words persian ja sanskrit vicho lain de bajaye kise hor develop language vicho lene chahede ne. ALLLLAH HAFIZZZZ EMAIL ME - at - anam501- at - ** OK JII BUY ~ BYE NAA LORE PAEVAY KADEE PANEE DEE NAA RAKHI KARNI PANDEE AE AE BUTTAY SADAK DUKHA DAY LAHOO JIGAR DA PEE KAY PAL PANDEY JADOON SAJANA SHAMA PANDIYIAN NAY TERI YAAD DEY DIVEY BAL PANDEY MERAY DIL DEY SEESAY VICH SAJANA, PAYEE SAJADEE HAI TASVEER TERI, TANOO RUB NEY BANAYEA MERAY LIYE, TAY TOON AJLAAN TO JIGEER MERI MERAY NAIN PAYESAY DARSHAN DEY MAINOO SAJANA RUJ RUJ VEHKHAN DEY TAINOO TAKDEYEA HOWAY AKHIR MEREE MERAY DIL DEY SEESHAY VICH SAJANA I want to thank Punjab Society for putting so much and so nice Punjabi Material on the net.quite watching ztv and urdu dramas and force the issue of quality material in PUnjabi.its true that young generation back home think that they have to know english better than their own language just because they want to be modern, but if we think from elder people's side, they will see you speaking english and think - o ya she s come from foreign so is showing off and also o ya no one s bothered teaching them their language etc etc, well well stupidity really is nothing to do with what language one speaks , its what u r taught is what u learn.dont worry people take life easy I think it's more common the other way round.