We’ll tell you what’s available and we’ll make it easy for you to create an invitation to your potential matches.The time is coming to visit a new country and you want to see who else is going to be there when you arrive. With our Travel Planner, you’ll be able to see which of your future destinations are buzzing with activity on NOMAD SOULMATES™.There isn’t anything like NOMAD SOULMATES™ on the market right now – no other dating app has been built specifically FOR location independent people.

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With our experience and triumphs in connecting people through our closed Facebook community, we have realized there is real need for a support system to help nomads come together.

We want to help you form deep and lasting relationships, like Maria and Vikram, our first Nomad Soulmates couple.

Our mission is to help as many nomads as possible find their soulmate.

We're not only planning to give you an app, but we want to help create real experiences with like-minded people that you will never forget – offline, in the real world!

Give us a smartphone and we'll give you real experiences with like-minded people.

One of the features we’re most excited about will allow you to suggest activities or places where you can meet your new romance.We're bursting with excitement as the development of the app continues and we LOVE all the feedback we’re getting from you already!Listening to your ideas helps us build an app that will fit your specific nomadic needs.This doesn’t just mean romantic candlelit dinners, but also dates in less stressful environments - places where cool people like yourselves hang out anyway.This may be at a popular coffee shop with great seating and fast wifi, at a weekly writer’s workshop or skill share.With your help through our Indiegogo Campaign you get amazing early bird discount on pro-membership time, which will save you money and offer added functionalities.