We are writing this to let everyone know how grateful we are that our daughter Kim is in better health from your treatments. She was on pain pills and the sports doctors at a local hospital said she had degenerative disc disease and there was nothing they could do. Today she feels like a new person and can do normal things again. She started her treatments (DRX 9000) and continued with her prescribed treatments. I am keeping up with my stretches and exercising and now pain free.

“Since patients have the right to dismiss providers at will for reasons satisfactory to themselves, likewise, a doctor of chiropractic may decline to attend a patient if professional ethics and personal self-respect and dignity are compromised.

The doctor of chiropractic is encouraged to terminate a doctor-patient relationship when it becomes reasonably clear that the patient is not benefiting from chiropractic care.

Having accepted a patient, a doctor of chiropractic shall give the patient the best chiropractic care possible within the confines of his or her expertise.

If a doctor of chiropractic decides to withdraw from a particular case, the patient or the patient's legal representative shall be given sufficient notice to enable him/her to obtain another health care provider.” - ICA Code of Ethics But there comes a time in every practitioner’s career when they have a patient they just can’t reach, and the doctor-patient relationship has completely frayed beyond repair.

I like walking in and being greeted by name, being seen immediately, your flexibility in changing my appointment times when I need to, how friendly everyone is, and how willing to answer my questions. I have found out that chiropractic has helped me with my circulation and I also feel less stressed out. I am looking forward to my continued treatment and being pain-free.

No longer restricted by pain or dependent on medication, I’m actually able to live an active and normal life like most other people my age. It was really uncomfortable, but now my headaches and foot pain almost feel 100% better. Nobody could figure out why I was having this horrible pain. I am feeling much better now the pain is no longer constant. Ingham diagnosed the problem and gave me treatment accordingly. As a result, I noticed my energy and happiness levels were greatly increasing. Before, when I used to jog, by the first 15 minutes I would feel tingling under my feet. I have seen many doctors and got many tests, even an MRI. I had neck and head pain and was misdiagnosed by my neurologist. I stopped feeding myself medication as though I were a human guinea pig and began seeing Dr. I had hope that a more natural approach would help me without all the side effects from prescription that seemed to be causing more harm than good. Ingham, I noticed that the severity and frequency of my headaches began decreasing. Jason Ingham two months ago, because I kept having sever headaches and extreme pain around the neck area.[Emphasis added.] Patient Abandonment When the doctor-patient relationship is terminated at the behest of the provider, care must be taken to ensure that a claim of “patient abandonment” cannot be made and that the reasons for termination can be proven objectively, should the patient attempt to make an abandonment case. Hoffman, DC, FICA, risk management expert and founder/president of the professional chiropractic malpractice insurance liability provider Chiro Secure, three elements must exist for patient abandonment to occur: “It is but a corollary of the physician’s right to withdraw from a case upon giving proper notice, that he is under a duty to continue attendance upon the patient until the conditions for his rightful withdrawal are complied with.Consequently, a physician who is generally engaged to attend a patient is liable for any damages caused by his abandoning the case without sufficient notice or adequate excuse, provided injury results from his action.A critical part of this documentation is the written notice to the patient that he or she must find a new chiropractor.