'Our young adult sons, Justin and Miles, often borrow his clothes.

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At the end of the video, she welcomed fans to join her at Chicago's Millennium Park, on August 8, 2008, at p.m. Hundreds turned out to "make" things - a grand entrance, a new friend, a splash, something pretty.'I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you,' she said during a 2012 TED talk. 'Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal,' published in 2016, is divided into chapters named for school subjects, from Geography to Language Arts.

Subtitled Not Exactly a Memoir, the book features lists, illustrations, charts, emails and text messages.

After the essay swept the internet, Jason penned an equally moving but brief public response to his wife.

'It is Amy's gift with words that has drawn the universe in,' Jason, 52, said.

'She was such a bright light with a great sense of wonder. She loved words, ideas, connections.'She taught us that life’s seemingly small moments are not really small at all. She made short films and You Tube videos, gave TED talks and provided radio commentary for NPR, among others.

Amy’s final essay, written under the most difficult of circumstances — a love letter to her husband Jason — was the ultimate gift to him and also to the rest of us.'Fellow author John Green tweeted: 'She was a brilliant writer, and an even better friend.' A Chicago native and longtime resident, Rosenthal completed than more 30 books, including journals, memoirs and the best-selling picture stories 'Uni the Unicorn' and 'Duck! She also raised three children and had a flair for random acts of kindness, whether hanging dollar bills from a tree or leaving notes on ATM machines.'I do what feels right to me.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has died of ovarian cancer ten days after penning a touching essay about her husband.

The Chicago children's book author, 51, wrote the moving 'dating ad' essay about Jason Brian Rosenthal for the New York Times while on her death bed. In her essay, mother-of-three Rosenthal described her illness and her nearly three decades-long marriage.

This is a man who, because he is always up early, surprises me every Sunday morning by making some kind of oddball smiley face out of items near the coffeepot: a spoon, a mug, a banana.''I am wrapping this up on Valentine's Day, and the most genuine, non-vase-oriented gift I can hope for is that the right person reads this, finds Jason, and another love story begins.''I have never been on Tinder, Bumble or e Harmony, but I'm going to create a general profile for Jason right here, based on my experience of coexisting in the same house with him for, like, 9,490 days.'Her 'incredibly handsome' husband is a lawyer and excellent cook who paints in his spare time, she wrote.

She described him as an 'absolutely wonderful father' to their three children Justin, 24, Miles, 22, and Paris, 19.

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