Meta descriptions are brief summaries that encourage Google users to click on your page.

They don’t directly impact a page’s ability to rank in search engines, but they Google truncates meta descriptions when they go beyond a certain limit.

This tag is especially critical if you’ve created custom CSS to utilize HTML in a language other than English (since English is the default).

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Plus, the branding tells people the source of a page at a glance.

If you have a long brand name, it could be difficult to fit the whole thing in a title tag. That way, you still get brand recognition, but you don’t lose words in your title tag.

This is great for any kind of writing, but it’s especially useful when you’re writing a meta description.

Meta robots allow you to tell Google and other search engines what they can and cannot show from your site.

So if you run an English-speaking site but you want to expand into Spanish-speaking territories, using a meta language tag for Spanish could be helpful.

For that example, the meta language tag would look like this: Now, Google knows that the language of the content on your page is different from the language on the rest of your site.This is helpful if you want to temporarily take a page off of search engines without deleting it from your server.When you code it into a page, the command looks like this: With the robots meta tag, you can control exactly what Google does on your individual pages.It’s basically redundant, and it tells Google that it can read and index your page and every page on your site.If you want to use index and follow, it’ll look like this when you code: that page.Again, this doesn’t help your page rank higher, but Google still highlights keyword mentions in your meta description.