After months of rumors and speculations, Chicago MC Common has finally confirmed his relationship with political commentator and activist, Angela Rye. You’re still going to kick it, ‘cause that’s part of me too.” ⠀ Despite Common’s recent confirmation, the two have been gushing over each other for months.The rapper recently shared the news with Sirius XM’s Bevy Smith, saying “Yes, there’s definitely a connection with Angela Rye. After arriving to the Emmy’s together, Rye took to Instagram to congratulate the musician for his Creative Arts Emmy for the song, “Letter to the Free.” “Super proud of this guy for having a big #EGO, which is not to be confused with a big ego.

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The album was met with more criticism than praise, and many accused Common’s then-girlfriend Eryka Badu of diverting the emcee from his tried-and-true craft.

is a backronym with various meanings, one of which happens to be “B-boy Elevation.” Common’s 2005 release was just that: an elevation and embrace towards his b-boy roots and essence of hip-hop.

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Featuring production by fellow Chi-Towner Kanye West, as well as the late J Dilla, exemplified Common’s greatest strengths and was praised by not only his underground base of fans, but several others, particularly in the “underground scene”, as well.

It was a long time coming, but Common was finally able to achieve both artistic success as well as a substantial amount of commercial success.

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After much speculation, Common has confirmed that he is dating political pundit and activist Angela Rye.