The process of conducting traditional market research is the following: The information from all these analyses should help a company to strategically develop competences and differentiators and uniquely position itself on the market.If we move to the online business, the goal of online competitor analysis is to understand the online strategy of your competitors really well.Knowing what your competitors are doing online is extremely important.

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That's because only women can message their matches first on Bumble.

Straight men seem to like the app because women seem to take more initiative in starting a conversation, as Bryan Bumgardner, a 26-year-old Tinder and Bumble user, explains.

Whether it's shoes or humans, you can do the same interaction: push them away or pull them closer," she said.

"We want to fight this idea that you're shopping for humans.""Being able to express who you really are helps you find people who resonate with that," she says.

The main point of competitive research is to better understand the industry, sharpen your core competencies and differentiators, and better understand general trends and paradigms.

The research should present an input for your strategic and marketing business decisions.

Michelle adds that Tinder is "primarily for hookups," while Her feels like a community as well as a place for dating.

She considers Tinder as more of a confidence-booster, a place to garner matches as physical affirmation.

Simple copy-pasting and directly stealing ideas is not the way to do it (except for rare exceptions), and you always have to respect the copyright.

Before we go to how to analyze what your competitors are doing online, let’s look at some basics of performing competitive analysis.

And if a business is doing really well online, it makes sense to analyze what they're doing. While analyzing competitors will definitely give you many insights, be careful of any potential copyright infringement.