It also meant the absence of state violence; the existence of a multi-party system to promote political competition; independent electoral institutions to ensure a transparent election outcome, active civic inclusion and participation.

consolidating democracy in ghana-37

Ghana in the past two decades has exhibited a strong democratic force where authoritarian regimes have been put to null.

Andreas Schedler (1997) in his publication on “Concepts of Democratic Consolidation” outlined five notions of DC: avoiding democratic breakdown, avoiding democratic erosion, institutionalizing democracy, completing democracy and deepening democracy.

Basically, every assertion about democratic consolidation is built on democracy.

That is democracy is a means to achieve democratic consolidation.

Democracy is characterized by values such as transparency, accountability, rule of law, respect of fundamental human rights, free press and mass media, as well as free and fair periodic elections.

To acknowledge a country as having a consolidated democracy, means these values intrinsic of democracy is in full force as it is institutionalized for all to enjoy.

Elections are significant in every democratic regime as it creates room for electorates to elect their representatives as well as engage in active politics.

Elections serve as a medium for testing a country’s democratic processes and how solid its democracy has become.

According to Schedler (1997), “any talk about democratic consolidation presupposes that a democratic regime exists from the beginning to the end of the process.